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How do I save photos and or videos?


How to save photo images:

  • Click on the thumbnail and the 'larger image' will appear.  Select which size you wish to save; standard, medium or high.  Once the image loads right click on the image and 'save image as'
  • To save the ENTIRE set; click on the zip file size you wish to have; standard, medium or high and it will save to the destined spot on your PC.
  • To save X-amount of images from any given set you can make a custom zip.  Click 'create custom zip' and little boxes will appear next to all the thumbnails.  Select which images you wish to save and go back to the top of the page... you'll see options: standard, medium or high.  Select preferred size... will see prompt 'creating...'.  Wait patiently and will change to 'download'. Click download and the custom zip will save to your destined spot on your PC

How to save movie files: 

  • When browsing the movies the HD files if clicked on will go straight to streaming.  To save these files to your PC.  Right click on the link you wish to download and select 'save link as' or 'save target as'.  This will download the video to your PC.

How do I open zip files?

  • WinZip is the standard of the industry.  Visit to download the trial version or if doing a lot of zipping, can also purchase to avoid the trial from expiring

Are there any better video players besides the basic one on my PC?


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